The Committee thanks you for your interest in helping with the Parade. The Committee will accommodate your preferences if possible and in accordance with the needs of the Parade.

Community service hours given to student volunteers on request.

Parade Day Volunteer Tasks and descriptions

“Lawn signs” –  Place “lawn signs” advertising the Parade- at various locations around the city. 2 weeks before Parade

“No Parking” signs – Place along Parade Route and in staging areas. 48 hours prior to Parade

Pre-Parade Set-up – Place trash cans & barricades along the Parade route. 24 hours prior to Parade.

Parade Set-up & Take-Down – Starting early Parade morning, the stages need to be set-up and decorated, then at the conclusion of the Parade to be broken down and put away.

Staging  – Assist entrants to position themselves in numerical order in the staging area. 8:00 AM – Noon.

VIP & Special Entrant Assistance  – Assist VIPs, veterans etc. at their staging area. 8:00 AM -Noon.

Street Monitor – Maintain that street barricades stay in place, but can be moved for official vehicles only, during the duration of the Parade. 8:00 AM -1 PM

Spotters – Will be assigned to a stage to assist in communication with the announcers. Then, will be in charge of breaking down the stages for pick-up by the crew at Parade’s end. 9:30 AM – 1 PM.