Thank you for your Courtesy:

Novato City Ordinances for public events (obviously we have to follow these!):

  • leave your animal friends at home,
  • do not smoke in the crowd!
  • No Alcoholic Beverages
  • No open flame cooking devices (no Barbeques)


Novato Municipal codes prohibit pets, except for service animals (14-17.3 NMC), alcoholic beverages (14-10.1 NMC), and smoking (7-3.5 NMC) at public festivals.Please also be aware that the California Fire Code prohibits open flame cooking devices within 10 feet of any combustible construction (308.1.4 CFC), and the parade’s fire safety plan restricts and/or limits open flame cooking for public safety (403.2 CFC); please don’t bring your barbecue to the parade!
No Acohol ALlowedNo animals Allowed

No Open Flames