We welcome all kinds of entries!

The categories for judging in the parade are:

  • Classic Vehicle

  • Horse, Animal

  • Performance

  • Marching,

  • Non-commercial

  • Commercial

Please find descriptions of these categories in the entry form. Certificates are awarded for each category, and a grand prize will be awarded to one entry for Best Reflection of Parade Theme. Additionally, the three best-decorated floats in this year’s parade will receive a cash prize (first place, $200; second place, $100; third place, $75).

If you would like to mail in your application form, send it to:

P.O. Box 1347 Novato, CA 94949



Live band, US Military unit, or VIP driver = no fee

School or PTA $30

Non-Commercial individual or group = $50

Small Business (fewer than 25 employees) = $70

Large Business (25 or more employees) = $100

Political candidate or ballot issue = $150

Additional Vehicle Fee

Your entry fee includes registration for one or more motorized vehicle (including motorcycles and floats) in your unit. There is a $30 fee for each additional vehicle in your unit.

Additional Vehicles entered

__x $30 + entry fee (from above) $  = total fee $